Vienna Beer Map


Vienna Beer Map

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Siebensternbräu: 48.202181, 16.353533
Känguruh Pub: 48.193943, 16.341653
Biererei: 48.216736, 16.489687
Ammersin: 48.183237, 16.360004
1516 Brewing Company: 48.203293, 16.373185
Bier-Box: 48.144861, 16.293539
Merkur Hoher Markt: 48.210570, 16.373642
Meinl am Graben: 48.209455, 16.368305
Bierothek: 48.107930, 16.281884
Verde 1080: 48.209397, 16.349982
Burgermacher: 48.204228, 16.354653
Wieden Bräu: 48.194985, 16.366228
Lichtenthaler Bräu: 48.230206, 16.356550
Kadlez: 48.253350, 16.393731
Fischer Bräu: 48.234740, 16.350773
Hackl Bräu: 48.191907, 16.356079
Charlie P\'s: 48.216656, 16.359558
Grand Cru: 48.203655, 16.339981
Bobby\'s Foodstore: 48.196901, 16.365892
Hawidere: 48.187717, 16.333840
Brauhund: 48.199354, 16.332583
Malefitz: 48.180775, 16.333393
Beerstore: 48.177045, 16.335288
Shamrock aka Dogstar: 48.199917, 16.352488
The Brickmakers: 48.202125, 16.345147
Yppenplatz 4: 48.213515, 16.335674
Xaver: 48.207831, 16.335273


Flame Vienna’s beer hotspots
Beer Brewpub or pub with excellent beer offer
Restaurant sign Place to eat with exceptional beer choice
Shopping cart Shops specialized on beer or drinks
Shopping basket Delicacy shop with good assortment of beers

Austria is a country with an old beer culture and passionate beer drinkers. However, over the past decades and for various reasons we interchanged diversity and quality of many small breweries for uniform and plain beer by a few big producers. But recently we could see a counter movement that brings more and more awareness to customers who want to have a bigger choice and are willing to pay more for better quality. At the same time some people turn their passion for beer into their occupation and open up brewpubs, craft breweries or beer shops.

This map wants to help you to find those places and support the people who care about our favourite drink. It is meant for Viennese locals as well as for visitors. Many people from overseas come to the old beer nations in Europe and are disappointed about what they find here in mainstream pubs and supermarkets. This map can give them some direction. You will find nice brewpubs, pubs with an excellent offer in beers and – very important for the home beer tasters out there – beer shopping opportunities.

I am well aware that there are several places that also would deserve a place on this map. They aren’t because I did not manage to visit them yet or my last visit has been a long time ago. But the plan is to round up my beer tasting group and change that within the next few months. Completion is definitely a goal here. Still, brewpubs that only serve standard beers like Helles, Dunkles or Weizen are very unlikely to be included.


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